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Guide to Creating a Stencil on an Item for Promotion

Each stencil art is unique from the others because of the small variations that are implemented in the over/under spray and shading alignment. They look beautiful on posters, t-shirts, invitations cards, packages of products and so on. You can open a branding business that uses stencil art. These are the guidelines for creating stencils.

There are a few things you will have to collect before you get started. Learn more about packaging from Pack Secure. Buy two or three knives with sharp edges for cutting stencils. Place a piece of cardboard on top of a stiff board to prevent the blade breaking because the hard surface will not come into contact with the blade. You need protective gear for your eyes and lungs. Find some items that have been thrown away and use them. There are many stencil material hence buy one that you like. Use any material that is thin, flat and easy to cut such as manila file folders, standard printer card stock and so on. You can buy manual, electric, digital, die-cut and other types of stencil machines.

Make the workspace ready. Assemble all the materials you need near you. The workstation should be clean hence cover the work surface with cardboard and find a waste bin for holding the pieces that remain and other waste. Keep the door and windows of the room open so that you do not inhale too much spray paint. Your workshop should have a place where you can put the materials to dry after you’re done creating the stencil art of them.

You can choose from the many images the one you like that have no islands. Find something that resembles your stencil by editing the image on a software. Avoid editing the island because only the dark part of the image will be cut out of the stencil material. You can also attach risers to the main body of the stencil and the island and connect them above the surface of the paint with a thin, stiff wire to hide the bridge.

Open the image in the software that you are using and crop it to any size that you wish. You can add brightness, contract and other colors that you love to your image to make it more attractive and save it.

When the images ready you can trace and cut. Print the image on card stock and cut it with a knife. Visit to get more details about packaging. An old overhead projector can be used to project the image onto materials of larger sizes.

You can now paint the stencil at a place that is not windy. You have to test the spray paint on a piece of paper. The image will be left in the background when you remove the stencil. Learn more from

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